Cable railing is often used on projects that use wood posts. We designed wood post protectors to prevent rubbing, and to maintain an appealing finished look to your cable railing.

In this blog we'll discuss how to select HAAS Stainless Wood Post Protectors for your cable railing project. Wood Post Protectors are used to prevent the cable from rubbing on the holes in wood post, while at the same time providing an appealing and finished look to the face of the post. HAAS Stainless offers three different types of wood post protectors that are available in 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch sizes: straight, transition, and angled.

HAAS Stainless Wood Post Protectors
Straight wood post protectors are designed to be used at the end post where a swage stud or end stop has been installed, or at the intermediate post and straight cable runs. Transition wood post protectors are designed with the radiused edge to allow for tensioning without damaging the cable, and can be used at the end post or at the intermediate post between a straight and angled cable run. Angled wood post protectors are used for the intermediate posts and angled cable runs, and are available in 30, 33, and 37 degree angles. When selecting angled post protectors, choose the angle that most closely matches the angle in your cable run.
Wood Post Protectors Deck Model

For more information on HAAS Stainless cable railing system click here YouTube Channelfor instructional and informational videos about our products.

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