Sea-Strand X is a 12-stranded rope possessing superior qualities that include zero torque and is constructed from one of the highest strength-to-weight fibers available on the market today – Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). Because of its high strength, high wear resistance, and low stretch, Sea-Strand X is a suitable soft rope alternative to wire rope.

Another outstanding feature of this rope is that it splices quite easily. In this video, we teach you the Locking Brummel and Mobius Brummel splices. The former is for when both ends of the rope are accessible (not tied off to an object) and the latter is for when only one end of the rope is accessible.

You can read the step-by-step instructions below.

What you’ll need
Here are the tools needed for splicing 12-strand rope.

  • A set of rope splicing fids
  • Electrical tape
  • A marker
  • Sharp scissors
  • Any hardware you intend to install in your eye (e.g. hook, thimble…)
  • A length of 12-strand rope

Locking Brummel Splice

The first splice is called the Locking Brummel splice. Use this splice whenever you can access both sides of your length of rope. To start choosing the side of the rope to form your splice. Take the end of your rope and measure out 2 fid lengths for non-standing rigging or 3 ½ fids for standing rigging. (A fid is cone-shaped tool used in holding rope open to assist the creation of a rope splice.) Make your first mark (Mark A) Plan your eye larger for mooring and smaller for attaching other ropes, anchored gear, or inserting thimbles. If you're going to be installing a thimble, use it to make your next mark (Mark B) Take the short end of the rope and fid it through Mark B. You can loosen up the strands by pinching the rope together at the mark. When inserting the fid make sure you're going through the center of the rope by inspecting both sides. Pull the short end of the rope through until Mark A is visible. Now take the long end of the rope and fid through Mark A. Make sure to fid underneath the loop you just made. You can count the strands on either side of the fid to ensure you're going through the center of the rope. Pull the long end of the rope and tighten either side of the locked eye. If you're using a thimble in your splice install it at this point to make sure your splice is the correct size. It's time to bury and taper the short end. Count two strands down the long end of the rope. This is where you'll fid the short length through. Make sure the fid doesn't snag any of the fibers on its way down. Exit the long end when you think you have enough rope to cover the length of the short end. Pull the short end all the way through. Slide the cover up as far as it will go and pin it with an awl or a smaller fid to keep it from sliding back Now to taper. Go ahead and remove the electrical tape from the end of the tail. Sea-StrandX is a 12-strand rope, so the goal is to pull out 11 strands intermittently along the length of the exposed short end. We measured about every third strand. Remove these strands going down the length of the short end. With a sharp pair of scissors cut the strands you've removed. When you've completed tapering the rope, remove the awl or small fid. Starting at the top slide the cover down the length burying the short end within the rope Lastly, massage the rope to work out any slack.

The Mobius Brummel Splice

The Mobius Brummel splice is a great splice to use when one side of your rope is already tied off or is not accessible. We'll start the same way as we did with the Locking Brummel splice. Measure out the bury length and then make Mark A. Form your eye and then make Mark B. Take the short end and fid it through Mark B, then tighten the loop. Take the short end and fid it through the outside of the short end at Mark A. It should appear to mirror the first loop. Pull the second loop through to create an inverted knot. Use your fingers to open up the knot. Take the first loop and place it through the inverted knot. If you find this difficult use something blunt to push it through. If you did it right the knot should un-invert as you pull it down tighten the locked eye As we did before, count two strands down the long end and fid through the length of the rope making sure not to snag any fibers on the way down. Pin the cover back and remove the tape at the end of the tail. Then pull out every third strand. Cut each strand you removed. Then slide the cover down the length of the rope starting at the top to bury the tail. Lastly, massage the rope to work out any slack.
Be sure to check out our Sea-Strand X UHMWPE linked down below.

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