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In the times of Covid-19, we hope all of customers, friends and family are staying safe out there. When tragedy strikes, it is always good to find a little levity and humor to help see us through. Let that be the transition into one of the coolest things to come from these strange times, a fried chicken pulley system!

Chicken Riggin

All you non-Louisianans may not know this, but New Orleans doesn’t let anything get in the way of good food, not even a pandemic. McHardy’s Chicken & Fixin’ came up with a pretty unique way of using a pulley system to deliver their delicious fried chicken to their customers while practicing social distancing.

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Wrapping Up: Yes, We are Rigging Nerds

As a New Orleans based business, we’re always excited to see rigging applications in our city – especially rigging that includes our favorite fried chicken in the city! E-Rigging’s staff is heavily immersed into the world of rigging due to our unique location at the heart of the marine and rigging industry where unique challenges, like getting stuck in swampy conditions have required our staff to learn the ins-and-outs of everything rigging.


This passion has only scaled as we’ve had the opportunity to work with all sorts of businesses including oil, space, agriculture, zoos and more. Please share with us your rigging applications by shooting us some images and messages about what rigging projects you may think spark our interest.

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