When the routine chore of cutting the lawn was interrupted by thick, sinking mud, Beth of Cutoff, Louisiana, didn’t fret. She crafted a simple harness from our 3/8 inch Sea-Strand X soft shackle rope in conjunction with our 1/4 inch, twelve-strand rope and tossed it around her “Bad Boy.”

With exceptional qualities like zero torque and being constructed from one of the highest strength to weight fibers available on the market, Sea-Strand X 12-stranded rope was the perfect choice to dislodge her mower. Beth said the mud didn’t stand a chance against the rope’s 8,000 pound breaking strength, allowing her to get back to cutting the lawn in no time. The Sea-Strand X 12-stranded rope is so strong, high-wear resistant and low stretch, it is a suitable alternative for even wire rope..

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1/4" Sea-Strand X 12-Strand Rope, Blue

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