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Keith was asked to join a group of local citizens in Haverhill, MA in their attempt to illuminate various flagpoles around the city for proper display of the American flag. As a prior Signalman in the US Navy, Keith had the expertise and drive needed for this project. His job in the Navy included visual communication between ships using signal flags, Morse Code and Semaphore amongst many other duties.
That's when Keith found E-Rigging. He reached out to us for different sized rope and snap hooks to help with the project and said, "We were extremely happy with the quick shipping of quality materials that we placed another order when we started running low on supplies."
What has now been dubbed, The Freedom Illumination Project, is working on 60+ flagpoles and they are about halfway through their goal. The team is eager to continue lighting our country's beautiful American Flag and maintaining the proud nature of these flags throughout the community.

At E-Rigging, we take pride in supporting not only products made in the USA, but projects just like The Freedom Illumination Project, where individuals strive to make sure our American flag is upright and standing proud!

E-Rigging proudly features projects from our creative customer base once a month.
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