For the past several years, YouTube has been the go-to source for instructional and entertaining videos for 2 billion users worldwide. We are no stranger to platform, producing over 100 rigging instructional videos since 2015. We’re excited to announce an expansion to the E-Rigging YouTube family: HAAS Cable Railing .

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With this expansion, we are releasing updated instructional tutorials, including our newest cable rail system, the HAAS AXIS System, as well as our new series titled Cable Rail the Country, where Tyler and Adam pay visits to HAAS ProInstallers and contractors from across country to help out on their cable railing projects.
First, let’s talk about our new tutorials. The E-Rigging YouTube channel has brought a wide variety of informational content to the table, ranging from rigging best practices to rope splicing. Our cable railing content has helped thousands of our customers understand what they need to achieve their dream decks. This success has proven the greater need for a robust and in-depth dive into cable railing. Which is how HAAS Cable Railing came about.

We’re re-visiting the subject of cable railing with an enhanced structure that makes it easy to find the information you need, whether you’re in the middle of installation, or just considering it. One of the first videos we published was the “Which Cable Railing System? | HAAS REVO vs HAAS AXIS Comparison Review” explaining the difference between the two systems. Upon choosing which system you want to know more about, you can head to either the “HAAS REVO Cable Railing Component Overview” or the “HAAS AXIS Cable Railing Component Overview” to learn more about how each system is works. Further down the funnel, every component has its own tutorial, showing you the proper way to install them. More tutorials and pro-tips are being added weekly, so if you’re considering cable railing for your next project, then be sure to get subscribed.

How-to and informational videos are great, but there’s only so much to talk about before actually building a great cable railing system. Enter “Cable Rail the Country”, a new docu-series hosted by Tyler Hall where we hit the road to discover awesome projects and meet new friends.

In our first episode titled “Interior Staircase Cable Railing with Advance Millworks, Inc”, Chris Hebert and the team from Advanced Millworks invites us out to Lafayette, LA to install interior cable railing on a gorgeous white oak staircase in a beautiful new home. In this episode we learn about what Advanced Millworks does and how to drill angled holes in notoriously dense white oak. Another episode you have to check out is “The Mountain Cabin with Perkins Builder Brothers” where we road-trip to Bryson City, NC to lend “Perkins Builder Brothers” a hand in installing cable railing on a new construction they’re calling “The Mountain Cabin” (don’t forget to check out their side of the story, too).

Wherever you’re at on your cable railing project, or you just enjoy watching DIY home building and improvement videos, the HAAS Cable Railing Channel is a great place to be.

If you have a question or maybe an idea for content you’d like to see on the HAAS Cable Railing Channel, feel free to leave a comment on one our videos.

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