Jason McNamara is a family man who will never step down from a challenge. In this case, Jason's wife challenged him to build a bridge across the creek on their Baltimore, Ohio, property for their grandchildren.

Jason knew building this 77-foot-long bridge would not be an easy task, so he started looking around for parts when he stumbled across E-Rigging.com. He purchased some cable, wire rope clips, and turnbuckles.

Jason said, "I used E-Rigging because they had exactly everything I needed. Same-day shipping and receiving products within 3-4 days was awesome. E-Rigging made the job a lot easier by having absolutely everything I needed."

After three months of hard work, Jason completed his project, showed his wife that he will always step up to conquer any challenge she might present, and now has a gorgeous bridge he can proudly say he built.

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