August POM - 2021
Homeowner Fulvio hired HAAS Pro Installer Jon Mathews to give his remodeled Michigan home a modern, minimalist look.

Jon had tried other steel cable systems in the past, but he found that they always slipped and were difficult to install.

After searching online for an alternative, Jon found our HAAS Revo steel cable railing system. Jon said that the first time he tried the system, he found that “they are simpler to use! Very simple and faster!” Jon liked the easy installation so much that he joined E-Rigging’s HAAS Pro Installer Program.

The project includes stair railings and handrails inside, and stair railings, handrails, and a deck railing outside. The interior railings blend well with the dark floors, creating an uncluttered but functional space. The outdoor railings provide a safe and attractive barrier for the deck, but the minimalist steel cabling gives an unobstructed view of the beautiful backyard space.

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