Wire Rope Clips used in Costume Design

[Updated February 2023]

Being based in New Orleans, Louisiana, we take costuming very seriously, and so does Gerald Fitzpatrick. Gerald is a retired prosthetist/limb maker who always appreciated industrial looks and decided to jump at the chance to design an industrial-inspired outfit. When Gerald began, he did not know much about cable or hardware, so he searched the internet to learn more.

When he came across E-Rigging.com, he found that “It was easy to navigate and order the hardware needed for my fashion design. I might add the packaging and delivery time was top shelf.”

His design weighs about 25 pounds, but most of the weight is from the chain maille. He used PRO Strand 1/16” X 500’, 7x7, Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Reel, 1/16” Zinc Plated Malleable Wire Rope Clip, and Tyler Tool Bench Swager/Cutter from E-Rigging to help him create this look.

Gerald is currently not selling his fashion pieces, although he was featured in Columbus, Ohio’s 2018 Alternative Fashion Show. For this event model Alexa Demyana wore Gerald’s fashion while Ian Powell captured the photos from this event.

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