September POM - 2021
When a client in Lobelville, Tennessee, asked installation pro Robert about rebuilding their back deck, they specified that they wanted to be able to enjoy the beautiful views around their home. Robert checked around with local suppliers but couldn’t find the right materials to meet the clients’ requirements.

That’s when Robert found E-Rigging’s website. As soon as he watched a few installation videos, he knew this would be the solution he needed.

Robert said HAAS Stainless checked every box on his wish list: “Simple design, clean looks, easy to install and budget friendly!”

What’s more, Robert loved the fact that our company is based in New Orleans and uses American-made components.

With our in-depth installation videos and the advice of some of our stellar customer service people, Robert was able to install about 900 feet of cable rail in a single day, without ever having worked with the system before. The deck looks great, and the cable railing provides a secure barrier without blocking the gorgeous hill views around the property. Most of all, Robert is happy that the clients love their new space.

Since completing the project, Robert has had several inquiries from other clients, and we look forward to helping him provide enjoyment for even more customers soon!

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