The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it come heartwarming stories of traditions started long ago. Traditions based on hope for a brighter tomorrow. One such story is the story of the Lindale Star.
Lindale star hanging between two large smokestacks at sunrise
“Our story is rather interesting and it’s probably one you’ve never heard of before. Our story starts in December of 1931 when the Pepperell Manufacturing Company built a huge star to hang between the mills giant two smokestacks each Christmas. Since 1931 the Star has graciously shown its bright lights over our small southern mill town in Northwest Georgia. The Star was built to bring the community together during the Great Depression. So, our company needed to replace the ropes to hang our Star for its 86th year, and 600ft of rope in our area isn’t easy to find and that’s when I did some internet research and found your company. We received our rope rather quickly and replaced the rope and on Saturday November 25th we hung our community Star Between the mills smokestacks. The star is still raised over our now closed cotton mill town every Christmas since 1931. The star is 12ft tall and 12ft wide, and weighs around 350lbs. Our non-profit corporation called Restoration Lindale, Inc. Appreciates the opportunity to share our story with your company. Thanks again for the rope!”

-Tim Reynolds
Founder & President
Restoration Lindale, Inc.

Tim was kind enough to share these amazing pictures, as well as the incredible video of the event posted above.
Designed as a beacon of hope during the Great Depression, the Lindale Star has a lengthy history that spans generations.
Lindale star hanging between smokestacks
The people of this small Georgia town pull together every year to raise the Lindale Star…
Georgia townpeople pulling rope
…and to shine a light in the darkness.
Lindale Star lighting the night sky
We are honored and humbled to know that our products are being used in such a time-honored tradition.
Underneath the hanging lindale star
For more information and history on the Lindale Star, visit their Facebook page.

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