Spring is here. The weather is beautiful and it is a great time to let your pet out to enjoy some fresh air and run about. If you are considering putting your pet on a cable runner, here are some things to consider when choosing the runner components.
Here is an example of an issue you may come across with a dog runner set up.
Dog Runner Wear

This runner consists of a brass snap hook attached to vinyl coated galvanized cable. The vinyl coating will eventually wear down causing the raw cable to be exposed and rust. In this case, the abrasive raw cable wore a notch into this soft brass snap hook. Without replacing a worn out hook, you may find your dog wondering around your neighborhood in a dangerous situation. To prevent this danger, we recommend using a stainless steel snap hook and adding a stainless steel thimble in this termination for a longer lasting setup. For the safety of your dog, always be sure to inspect your runner fittings before hooking your dog up to it. 

Create your own runner
If you are looking to set up a runner in your outdoor space, here are our suggestions on how to do it.

Items you will need:

Set-Up as easy as 1, 2, 3... 4

  1. Run a length of cable with a swivel eye block between two sturdy structures. Be sure to attach the swivel eye block on the cable before securing the cable to the structure.
  2. If you are setting it up between two wooden structures, use the stainless steel lag eyebolts to connect the cable to the wood structure. Attach the cable to each eye bolt by creating a termination using a thimble and wire rope clip.
  3. Connect one end of the vinyl coated galvanized cable to the swivel eye and form the connection with a thimble.
  4. Connect the other end of the vinyl coated galvanized cable to a stainless steel snap link and form the connection with a thimble.

Are you are unsure about how to install a wire rope clip, add a thimble, or install a lag eye bolt? Watch our videos below and we'll give you the confidence you need to create this setup.

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