Are you wondering if our wire rope winch would work for your needs? Watch our video to find out!
Stuck in the mud? Don't make a bigger mess, use our Wire Rope Winches for that extra reach.
Mick contacted us about an issue he was having with his mower getting stuck in his saturated Louisiana lawn. In previous happenings, when the mower got stuck, he used his truck to pull it out, creating large ruts in his yard. So, he asked us for a rigging solution that would keep his yard from getting damaged and get his mower unstuck. We thought of a couple different products like our cable puller and lever hoist, but that wouldn't work for Mick because he said the nearest tree or post is often far away. Then, our wire rope winch came to mind and we knew that would be the tool he needed to save his yard.
These are the items we suggested that Mick use to pull out his mower:
Stuck in the Mud
Our suggestions turned out to be exactly what he needed to get the job done. Our wire rope winch has a long reach and the take-up length is as long as the cable you have installed in it, allowing you to pull a load at a great distance, if need be. It also works great to pull equipment in one grab without re-rigging, making it a desirable tool for situations like this.
In the end, he was able to get unstuck without doing more damage to his yard.
Great job, Mick! Thanks for putting your trust in our team to help you get the job done!
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