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Yachtkeeper Black Dock Lines

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SKU: 91411090
Size: 3/8" x 15'
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Yachtkeeper Black Dock Lines

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Material: Nylon Fibers

Working Load Limit (WLL):

Minimum Breaking Load (MBL):




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Yachtkeeper Black Dock Lines

Product Manual and Certifications

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

Part No.DescriptionRope TypeRope FiberRope DiameterRope Length (ft)Rope EndBoat LengthBreaking Strength (lbs)
91411090USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/8 x 15Double Braid100% Nylon0.3751512" Spliced EyeUp to 25'4900
91411092USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/8 x 20Double Braid100% Nylon0.3752012" Spliced EyeUp to 25'4900
91411094USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/8 x 25Double Braid100% Nylon0.3752512" Spliced EyeUp to 25'4900
91411130USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 1/2 x 15Double Braid100% Nylon0.51512" Spliced Eye25' to 35'8500
91411132USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 1/2 x 20Double Braid100% Nylon0.52012" Spliced Eye25' to 35'8500
91411134USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 1/2 x 25Double Braid100% Nylon0.52512" Spliced Eye25' to 35'8500
91411170USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 5/8 x 20Double Braid100% Nylon0.6252012" Spliced Eye35' to 45'15200
91411171USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 5/8 x 25Double Braid100% Nylon0.6252512" Spliced Eye35' to 45'15200
91411172USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 5/8 x 30Double Braid100% Nylon0.6253012" Spliced Eye35' to 45'15200
91411173USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 5/8 x 35Double Braid100% Nylon0.6253512" Spliced Eye35' to 45'15200
91411174USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 5/8 x 40Double Braid100% Nylon0.6254012" Spliced Eye35' to 45'15200
91411210USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/4 x 25Double Braid100% Nylon0.752518" Spliced Eye40' to 60'18000
91411211USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/4 x 30Double Braid100% Nylon0.753018" Spliced Eye40' to 60'18000
91411212USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/4 x 35Double Braid100% Nylon0.753518" Spliced Eye40' to 60'18000
91411213USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/4 x 40Double Braid100% Nylon0.754018" Spliced Eye40' to 60'18000
91411214USA DBB Nyl Dck Blk 3/4 x 50Double Braid100% Nylon0.755018" Spliced Eye40' to 60'18000

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