HAAS Stainless Cable Railing is a brand of Sea-Land Distributors, LLC and is engaged in the manufacture and sale of its Revo and Axis cable rail fitting systems and has established the HAAS Stainless Pro Installer Program. The program is a network of licensed and insured professional builders and contractors who are knowledgeable on the Revo and Axis systems and qualified for the installation. The HAAS Pro Installers serve as brand ambassadors and in consideration for being a HAAS Pro Installer, each is entitled to special service, discounts, and perks.
In consideration of that described above, HAAS Stainless Cable Railing, hereinafter “HSCR”, and HAAS Pro Installer, hereinafter “HAAS Pro”, agree to the following:

  • HSCR agrees to provide the HAAS Pro with a 10% discount on HAAS Stainless Revo and Axis Cable Railing components.
  • HSCR agrees to prioritize the orders of HAAS Pro before those of regular customers.
  • HSCR agrees to create a “bio” page on its website to feature each HAAS Pro and promote each in their respective geographical region of operation.
  • HSCR agrees to promote and boost social media posts that are made by HAAS Pros on social media platforms.
  • HSCR agrees to provide HAAS Pros with product literature.
  • HSCR agrees to provide HAAS Pros with with a logo cap, t-shirt, and decals.
  • HSCR agrees to provide HAAS Pro with specialized customer service.
  • HAAS Pro to provide HSCR with a valid copy of their professional license and proof of insurance.
  • HAAS Pro agrees to represent HSCR and the HSCR brand in a professional manner at all times during HSCR installations and while wearing HSCR logo gear.
  • HAAS Pro agrees to be active on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram and promote HSCR products when posting about projects.
  • Agreement shall remain effective for a period of one year and unless either party notifies the other of their desire to terminate the agreement, this agreement shall renew automatically in one year increments.

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