Tyler Tool Cable Pullers are mechanical devices that can be rigged to lift or pull a load. They generate strong pulling force to draw building wire, data com cable, and other large-diameter cable through conduit.

Using a cable puller can save money on labor costs and improve safety. Since you’re not pulling by hand, laborers will experience less strain and can devote attention to watching for problems.

Watch our video or read more to find out how to operate and use Tyler Tool Cable Pullers.
At E-Rigging, we offer Tyler Tool Cable Puller models in both 2 and 4 ton models.
Tyler Tool Cable Puller Sizes

Tyler Tool Cable Puller Features

Tyler Tool Cable Pullers consist of a ratcheting mechanism that drives a small drum of galvanized cable. Drop forged hooks on each end.
Tyler Tool Cable Puller Features
The cable pullers handle is fitted with a synthetic grip on the end, and its length provides the leverage needed to power the device.

Operating the Tyler Tool Cable Puller

The first step when operating the cable puller is determining the required amount of cable for your application.
Tyler Tool Cable Puller: Measuring Cable Length
You can do this by putting the handle spring in the free spool position. Then, depress the catch latch and pull out the required amount of cable needed for your application.

Raising or Pulling a Load

To raise or pull a load, first, make sure that the handle spring is positioned so that the pawl will properly engage the drum gears.
Tyler Tool Cable Puller: Raising a LoadThen, begin working the handle until the load has reached the desired point for your application.

Lowering a Load

To lower or release the load in a controlled manner, move the handle spring to the position that disengages the pawl from the drum gear.
Tyler Tool Cable Puller: Lowering a Load
Raise the handle so that it comes into contact with the catch latch and repeat the process so that the load can be lowered one notch at a time.


To ensure proper operation, it is suggested that certain parts of the cable puller be periodically lubricated.
Tyler Tool Cable Puller Maintenance
Light oil, such as WD40, is fine.
Tyler Tool Cable Puller Maintenance: Catch Latch Shaft Tyler Tool Cable Puller Maintenance: Gear Pawl Shaft Tyler Tool Cable Puller Maintenance: Retaining Pin
We recommend that you apply the oil to the catch latch shaft, cable drum shaft, and the gear pawl shaft.
We hope this information has cleared up any questions you may have had about using Tyler Tool Cable Pullers.

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