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Yes, you will need to offset the holes in your corner posts by 3/16”, which will allow your components to pass under or over one another.
When installing the REVO System thru post components into wood posts, you will need to drill a 3/8” diameter hole.
For REVO Lag components being installed in soft woods such as pressure treated pine and cedar, you will need to drill a ½" diameter hole that is drilled to a depth of 1.5”. For hard woods such as oak and Ipe, you will need to drill a 9/16” diameter hole to a depth of 1.5”.
All of the post protectors that we carry at HAAS Stainless will require a 3/8” diameter hole.
For metal posts, you will need to use either 1/8” or 3/16” REVO Thru Post Tensioners and End Stops. You can find our instructional videos on installing REVO components in metal posts here:
If you do not have access to the backside of a termination post on your deck, you would want to use a lag style component, such as a REVO Lag Tensioner or Lag End Stop..
For stair runs you can use REVO Lag End Stops at one of your termination post.
When installing REVO Thru Post Tensioners and End Stops for your stair runs, you will need to drill level holes in your termination posts, and use a transition wood post protector which will aid your cable as it bends to run up or down your stairs.
Get answers directly from Tyler, our resident cable railing expert. On this Cable Railing 101 page, you’ll find answers to your most common general cable railing, post, and handrail questions. Continue on to our Instructional video library for detailed step-by-step instructions to the REVO and AXIS system by HAAS Stainless.

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It's important to understand that stainless steel can be susceptible to rust and corrosion if left untreated in a high-salinity environment. Check out our HAAS Cable Railing Maintenance and Care Guide page to learn more.

Cable Railing Maintenance and Care Guide

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