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HAAS cable rail systems are great for everything from home projects to commercial buildings, indoor railings, and stairways. Minimalist in style, the HAAS Revo system is simple and clean in design, meaning there’s no-show fittings that are easy to install. Made of stainless steel, these cables will resist harsh environments. Check out our how-to videos for detailed installation instruction of our HAAS Cable Railing Systems, made in the USA.

Which Wire Rope Cable Style Do You Prefer?

1/8” Cable (Thin)

Cable Reel
  • Sleek, thin appearance
  • Disappears to expose your view

  • 3/16” Cable (Thick)

    Cable Reel
  • Thicker, industrial look
  • Best for heavily trafficked applications


    • Material: Marine Grade Type 316 Stainless Steel to resist the harshest salt-air, outdoor environments
    • Origin: Made in the USA by a team who goes bonkers for cable railing
    • Size: Fittings sized for 1/8" and 3/16" 1x19 stainless steel cable to suit a wide variety of tasks and applications
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    DIYers and Contractors Love the HAAS REVO Setup

    The innovative no-show fittings of the HAAS REVO cable railing system take minimalism to the max, but still is so easy to install with detailed video instructions even your grandma could follow (you go grandma). HAAS is supported by a team you can call if you get tangled up in a technical problem.

    Less Measuring, Faster Assembly: Handy marks on the swage fittings, the HAAS Marking template, and the drill bits allow for quick system assembly with minimal measurements.
    Expert Support: Stuck? Our customer service reps can answer most technical questions regarding cable railing projects.

    Haas Pro Installer
    Haas Pro Installer

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    High Strength Termination for Every Application Tested In-house
    • Sleek Looking Terminations: The Tyler Tool HAAS Swager terminates strong and easy
    • Residential Applications: 1/8" swage fittings have a 1200 lbs breaking load.
    • Heavy/Commercial Applications: 3/16" swage fittings have an 1800 lbs breaking load.
    • Lag Fittings Available Too: Lag fittings have a breaking load of 900 lbs when properly installed in #2 pine.


    • New and Improved Crenshaw Swager Tool
    • Off-the-shelf Common Tools: All tools needed for installation are available for purchase on our site, or you may already have them.


    • Unequaled Minimalism: Most projects can be completed with all fittings hidden inside the post
    • When Exposed Fitting Required: When exposed fittings are necessary, they are sleek and minimal allowing for an unobstructed view.
    • Hidden Studs: The short swage area allows the studs to hide completely inside the post with only the sleek nut cap visible on the back side, and a wood post protector visible from the front.
    • And There’s More: The wood post protectors are recessed to allow maximum take-up when used in conjunction with a stud.

    Single Cable Railing

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    Single Cable Railing


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