HAAS Legacy Swageless Cable Railing Fittings

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    1. Unscrew the cone (bottom housing) and take out the jaw and the copper washer.

      Note: The 3 piece jaw has a wire ring to keep them together.

    2. Insert the cable from the bottom of the housing and place the jaw with the tapped end toward the housing (make sure the 3 piece jaw spreads around the cable evenly), place the copper washer after the jaw, the cable should protrude about 1/8" beyond the copper washer.
    1. Carefully push the jaws, the washer and the cable all together toward the bottom of the housing. Make sure the cable is still 1/8" out from the washer when the jaw has reached at the bottom of the housing.
    1. Screw the head of the fitting to the housing until it stops.
    1. Use two proper size wrenches, one on the housing and the other one on the head of the fitting and start to tighten in opposite directions as far as possible.
    1. Screw and tighten the lock nut toward the housing.

It is strongly recommended to use Non-Acidic silicon to seal the tip of the housing around the wire to avoid moisture getting to the inside of the part.

Cable Railing Tension Sequence

Cable Railing Tension Sequence

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