Anker Schroeder Heavy Lift Shackles

Anker Schroder makes DNV Type Approved shackles from 85t to 1500t WLL using high quality, zero-waste, and cost-effective processes.

Offering a variety of heavy lift shackle options, look to Anker Schroeder’s shackles for use in Critical lifts, high-loads, or extreme environments. Prices and availability are readily available on the product’s page. Many sizes are stocked locally in our New Orleans, Louisiana warehouse and in-stock models ship the same day if ordered before 2 PM central time.


Heavy Duty Shackles

  • 85t - 1500t WLL
  • 3 in. – 11in. Nominal Size
  • -4 °F to +392 °F Operating Temp.
  • Dependability for General and Critical Heavy Lift Applications

Heavy Polar Shackles

  • 3 in. – 8 in. Nominal Size
  • -76 °F to +392 °F Operating Temp.
  • Specially Designed for Fatigue Resistance in Extreme Cold

Heavy Super Shackles

  • 120t - 175t WLL
  • 3 in. – 4 in. Nominal Size
  • -4 °F to +392 °F Operating Temp.
  • Increased Strength for Size where higher capacity is needed with lower weight or reduced dimensions.

Anker Schroeder’s Shackle Features and Quality Process

  • Quenched and tempered steel Grade 8
  • Type approval by DNV (ST-0378, ST-0377)
  • Meets ASME B30.26 and Federal Specification RR-C-271 Design & Testing Requirements
  • Matching Serial number on Bow and Pin
  • Anti-rotation pin with nut and cotter
  • MBL Design factor 5 x WLL
  • Each shackle is supplied with certificates stating:
    • 100% UT NDT of raw material
    • 3.1 Material Certificate according to EN 10204
    • EU Declaration of Conformity CE

About Anker Schroeder

Anker Schroeder has been forging steel for over a century and large heavy duty shackles have been manufactured in Dortmund for over 60 years. Our shackles are designed to provide superior strength and safety, ensuring reliable and secure load lifting and transportation. Manufactured using zero-waste, optimized, and flexible processes, Anker Schroeder shackles have great inventory availability, and are cost-effective for every high-load application. Quality is forged into the entire process from the raw materials to the finished product. The production and quality management process is class approved the the shackles are DNV Type Approved.

Anker Schroeder Heavy Lifting Shackles

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