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UPS Service Alert:

Suspension of UPS Delivery Guarantee

(Updated January 2024)

Until further notice, UPS has suspended the UPS Service Guarantee (also referred to as the UPS Money Back Guarantee) for all shipments from any origin to any destination using any service except:

  • UPS 2 Day Air A.M.®
  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver®
  • UPS Next Day Air® Early
  • UPS Worldwide Express Saver®
  • UPS Worldwide Saver®

UPS Transit Map

The Service Guarantee remains suspended for all other UPS shipments not specified in the above section, from any origin to any destination.
Click here for the most up-to-date information on UPS’s service guarantees.

Processing Time

Most orders ship the same business day, but please allow up to 72 business hours (3 days not including weekends or holidays) to ship your order. If we expect your order to ship later than three (3) days after placing your order, we will contact you. If your order is placed after 2 PM central time, your order will begin processing the next business day. If you need your order shipped ASAP and placed in the front of the processing queue, you must select UPS 3 Day Select, UPS 2nd Day Air, or UPS Next Day Air Saver. Once your order is shipped, your delivery date will depend on the shipping method, which is unrelated to the processing time.

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UPS Shipping Options

Below are explanations of our UPS shipping options. Please note that the transit time estimates below do not include processing time. Packages above 70 lbs do not have a guaranteed delivery date.


  • 1 - 5 business days transit time, guaranteed. *
  • Delivery by end-of-day, Monday - Friday.


  • 3 business days transit time, guaranteed. *
  • Delivery by end-of-day, Monday - Friday.


  • 2 business days transit time, guaranteed within the 48 contiguous United States.
  • Delivery by end-of-day, Monday - Friday.


  • Next business day transit time, guaranteed. *
  • Delivery by 3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.
  • Service not available in all areas, choose "Next Day Air" if "Next Day Air Saver" isn't shown.


  • Deliveries will occur Monday through Friday typically by 10:30 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. in rural areas.
  • Deliveries will not take place on weekends and holidays.


  • 2 - 8 business days transit time, NOT GUARANTEED.

UPS delivers the package to your local post office, then the post office delivers the package to your home or business. This is often the most economical shipping option for shipments less than 6 lbs, and typical transit times are only one or two days longer than UPS Ground. UPS advises that transit times can range from 2-8 days. Do not select this option if the USPS does not deliver to your home.

NOTE: Deliveries will not take place on weekends and holidays.

Look to the UPS Service Guide for more detailed information about shipping methods.

* Click here for the most up-to-date information on UPS’s service guarantees.

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LTL Options

Orders over $299 qualify for free or reduced freight. Click here to read our full free freight policy.

Below are factors that determine LTL Freight Pricing. Typically, any address type that isn’t commercial or Freight Terminal incur additional charges. Freight Service add-ons also incur additional charges.

LTL Delivery Locations:

  • Does not meet the criteria of Residential or Limited Access locations.
  • A generally recognized commercial location accessible by the walk-in public during normal business hours.
Freight Terminal

You can opt to pick up your shipment at the Freight carrier's nearest Freight terminal. You have 48 hours after notification to pick up your shipment before storage charges are incurred. It is recommended that you call or email E-Rigging to determine the nearest Freight terminal. 1-888-682-8186

Residential (May Incur Additional Charges)
  • Private residence
  • Apartment
  • Estate
  • Farm
  • Business operating at any of the above locations
  • Lift Gate Service Included
    The term "private residence" shall apply to the entire premises on which a dwelling for living is located.
Limited Access (May Incur Additional Charges)
  • Construction Sites
  • Mine Sites
  • Utility Sites
  • Prisons
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living
  • Churches
  • Country Clubs
  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Resorts
  • Marinas
  • Carnivals, Fairs
  • Mini-Storage Facility
  • Military Bases
  • Navy Piers
  • Rural Routes
  • Safety Inspection Sites
  • Rehabilitation centers not associated directly with a hospital
  • Sites with security check of carrier personnel, equipment or cargo is administered prior to, during or after delivery
  • Location can only be accessed with a "Straight Truck" opposed to a commercial truck & trailer (18-Wheeler).


Lift Gate Service
  • This service in included with residential deliveries.
  • Select this option if you do not have a forklift or other equipment to handle palletized (skid) loads; OR do not have a dock height loading area.
  • Due to safety, weight, and time considerations, you are not allowed to unload the pallets (skid) by hand or break down the pallets (skid) to unload by hand.
  • If it is determined by the driver that a lift gate is required and you did not select the lift gate option, a lift gate fee and a re-delivery fee may be applied.
  • May delay delivery by 1-2 business days.
Inside Delivery
  • Select this option if you require, and the carrier's operating conditions permit, the Freight courier to move shipments or portions of shipments to positions beyond the immediately adjacent unloading positions.
  • Typically, the Freight courier will unload and place the shipment immediately adjacent to the vehicle if inside delivery is not selected.
Delivery Appointment
  • Select this option if you require a delivery appointment and are not located at a residence.
  • Delivery appointments to schedule the time and day are included in residential deliveries.
  • The Freight courier will call you prior to attempting delivery to schedule delivery.
  • Be sure to leave a good contact phone number during checkout for the carrier to contact you.
Straight Truck
  • Select this option if your location can only be accessed with a "Straight Truck" opposed to a commercial truck & trailer (18-Wheeler).
  • This option is no additional cost for Residential deliveries.
  • If you are a commercial location, and require a "Straight Truck", your delivery location must be classified as "Limited Access."

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Shipping Method Selection by Order Weight

For orders less than five hundred and fifty (550) pounds and individual items less than one hundred and fifty (150) pounds, our standard method of shipment is UPS Ground or UPS SurePost. If your order exceeds five hundred and fifty (550) pounds, an individual item exceeds one hundred and fifty (150) pounds, or the item is too large to ship via UPS, you will be presented with LTL Freight options. Please follow the prompts to select the correct options. For orders over five thousand (5,000) pounds, we will contact you after you place your order to arrange shipping.

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Canada Shipping Options

E-Rigging UPS Canada Transit Time Map

Canadian duties and taxes are paid at the time of checkout. No Surprise C.O.D., for a hassle-free process.

UPS Canada Standard

  • 4 - 9 business days transit time, guaranteed.*
  • Delivery by end of day, Monday - Friday.

UPS Canada Express Saver

  • 1 - 5 business days transit time; next day for urban and suburban areas, rural areas can take up to 5 days.
  • Delivery by end of day, Monday - Friday.
  • * Click here for the most up-to-date information on UPS’s service guarantees.

Canada Freight Options

LTL Freight is also available for Canadian shipments. After you place your order, we will call to arrange shipping.

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Free Shipping Policy

Ground shipping is FREE on orders over $299 USD for customers within the 48 contiguous United States.

Ground Shipping is defined as:

  • UPS Standard Ground or UPS SurePost
  • LTL (Motor Freight) includes lift gate, straight truck, residential and limited access locations. See LTL Information on definitions.
  • Expedited shipping methods are NOT included in the Free Shipping policy.

Ground shipping is FREE on orders over $299 USD for customers within the 48 contiguous United States.

Orders that do not qualify:

  • Orders containing “Sold-per-Foot” chain products
  • Order with Expedited Shipping selected
  • Orders with a subtotal less than $299 USD

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Why does E-Rigging’s Shipping Cost seem High

As an e-commerce business, dealing with the cost of shipping is very challenging. For many on-line businesses, the cost of shipping is hidden in the price of the item and this pricing technique gives the impression that freight must not cost very much. If you have shipped packages yourself recently, you will know that true shipping prices are much higher than the subsidized prices seen on e-commerce prices.

Our approach has always been to keep the price of the items we sell as low as possible. We do have a free freight policy for orders over $299, but for orders under $299 we have established a maximum shipping charge of $13.25. The charge can be lower for lighter weight items, but no more than $13.25 (Excludes Chain Sold Per Foot).

With the policy approach we have taken, we are absorbing a great deal of cost. Still, we have several people throughout the year who complain that our shipping costs are too high. For many items, the other option we have is to absolutely minimize the cost would be to ship the order through the U.S. Postal Service. Though the cost for USPS may be the lowest, the ability to track the packages, process claims for lost or damaged packages and provide service to our customers is greatly reduced and we have decided it just isn’t something we want to do.

One other significant factor worth noting regards lost or damaged packages with UPS. To avoid the standard UPS Claims process, which is frustrating for both you and us, we pay a substantial annual premium for UPS Cargo insurance that guarantees lost or damaged packages can be processed by us immediately to remedy the situation. Rather than wait for UPS to investigate and provide a response, we can quickly file the claim and ship your replacement goods right away.

Overall, our shipping costs are low except for some of the smaller, lighter items. But most of this is attributed to us shipping with UPS to maintain a higher level of service. We are always looking for new cost-effective solutions to bring lower prices and better service to our customers.

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Why doesn’t E-Rigging ship with the U.S. Postal Service

Shipping directly with the U.S. Postal Service is the cheapest method of shipping for lighter and smaller packages. The reason we do not ship directly with U.S.P.S. is one reason—Service. Customers most often want and need the following:

  • Ability to accurately track their shipment.
  • Help or some recourse when a package is lost.
  • Help or some recourse when a package is damaged and/or missing goods.

Problems can happen during the shipping process with any delivery service. What sets UPS and FedEx apart is the support we can offer when these issues arise. If a package faces a problem while being delivered through USPS, we are generally unable to assist our customers. With UPS and FedEx we can both easily track your package, and we have a reliable insurance policy in case it gets lost or damaged. This means we can quickly act and process a claim to make things right for you.

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Submit Tax Exempt Paperwork

If you are a new tax exempt customer and would like to claim tax exemption, here is the step by step process:

  1. Log into your account and add an address
  2. Submit the information below for unshipped orders & future orders on this account:

Tax Exemption Process Notes:

  • Place an order only once you receive an email confirmation that your tax certificate has been validated.
  • You must use your account tied to your email address in order not to be charged tax.
  • We estimate this process to take less than 24 business hours.
  • You can setup multiple billing and shipping addresses for a single account, but if you change accounts / email addresses you must re-submit paperwork.
  • We can only remove tax from orders that have not shipped and not been billed.

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Notice of Defect or Damage

Buyer must inspect goods promptly upon receipt of goods. Claims for shortages, damage, defects or other reasons or unsuitability must be made within thirty (30) days of the Buyer taking delivery. All claims not made in writing to the seller within the specified time shall be deemed waived. Seller will not pay any claim for labor, delays, or damage by reason of their use. No material shall be returned without the written consent of the Seller. If you wish to make a claim, refer to our Returns section.

If you would like to make a claim because your package was damaged during shipment, please save the packaging for at least 10 days after we begin the claim process.

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We attempt to accept returns for recently purchased items that are in new, sellable condition, and aren’t damaged by return shipping. Read our full return policy on our returns page.

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Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Seller warrants that its goods are free from defects in materials and workmanship. Accordingly, Seller’s liability is limited to replacing without charge or refunding the purchase price, or making fair allowance for any noncompliance with any specifications or any defects in materials or workmanship in its products existing at the time of delivery. Seller requires written notice and the return of the product to establish any claim. SELLER MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND WHATEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH EXCEED THE ABOVE OBLIGATION ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED BY SELLER AND EXCLUDED. Seller will not be liable for any consequential damages, loss or expense arising in connection with the use or inability whatever, regardless of whether damage, loss, or expense results from any act or failure to act by Seller, whether negligent or willful, or from any other reason. Unless specifically stated, products are of commercial quality and standards. Buyer must determine suitability for the products particular use or purpose and will assume any and all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the use of all products, whether used singly or in combination with other products or components. If requested and/or applicable, manufacturer's material certifications may be provided with no representations made as to their accuracy.

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