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Cable grips are a versatile tool that can be used to temporarily or permanently add pulling force to a cable or rope. They are easy to use and can be applied to any type of cable, regardless of its size or material. They’re ideal for a variety of applications such as

  • Pulling cables through tight spaces
  • Securing cables to fixtures
  • Adding temporary support to cables
  • Making permanent connections

They’re an affordable and effective way to add pulling force to a cable, making them a valuable addition to any toolbox.

Watch our video above or "Read More" for a text and picture version on how to use cable grips.

Cable grips are mechanical devices that consist of a handle and a set of grooved and serrated jaws that can easily be opened and closed onto a length of cable.

Cable Grip Function

Sizes of Tyler Tool Cable Grips

At E-Rigging, we carry the Tyler Tool brand of Cable Grips and we offer three different sizes.

Half Ton Tyler Tool Cable Grip

Half ton which fits cable diameters 1/32 to 3/8

One ton which fits cable diameters 3/32 to 5/8

Two ton which fits cable diameters 5/32 to 7/8

One Ton and Two Ton Tyler Tool Cable Grip

Apart from size, the only difference between the three is that sizes one ton and two ton feature a small side plate to prevent the cable from falling out of the grip.

The eye on the cable grip handle serves as an attachment point for mechanical pulling devices, such as a cable puller or lever hoist.

Cable Grip Function

As the handle is pulled, the jaws tighten around the cable and allow the cable to be temporarily tensioned and then, fastened to another product for a permanent connection.

We hope this information has answered any questions or concerns you might have about the use of cable grips. Please Contact Us if you have additional questions and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos on various rigging products.

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