HAAS Stainless Cable Railing Maintenance and Care Guide

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to keep your HAAS Cable Railing System clean and bright.

Instructional Video Explaining the Key Concepts of Cable Railing Maintenance

HAAS Stainless cable rail fittings and 1x19 cable are both made from type 316 stainless. There are numerous grades of stainless steel—some more resistant to corrosion than others. The two primary grades of stainless steel most often used are type 304 and type 316. Type 316 has more nickel, molybdenum and chromium and it is those elements that give it more corrosion resistant properties.

Despite being more noble, type 316 stainless steel can corrode under certain conditions and exposure. It is commonly known that salt is corrosive and is composed of sodium and chloride. Chlorine and the chloride compound are the real culprit behind salt’s corrosive nature. And when left exposed to chlorides long enough without cleaning or rinsing, even type 316 stainless steel can become the victim of corrosion. The twisted strands of stainless steel cable form valleys and crevices along its axis—the perfect place for chlorides to accumulate in salt air environments. If exposed to chlorides long enough, type 316 stainless steel cable can and will form red rust.

The closer a cable rail system is installed to a body of water with high salinity, the more susceptible it is to corrosion.

HAAS Stainless Cable Railing Maintenance and Care Guide

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