Mooring with Ropeze Cleats

Our six-inch Ropeze© Stainless Steel Folding Cleats offer the perfect solution for securing your boat, whether it's fixed onto your vessel or attached to your dock.

Installing these cleats is a breeze, ensuring that you're swiftly prepared for your next boating adventure. Crafted with two countersunk pockets, our Ropeze© Cleats accommodate carriage bolts, lag bolts, or hex head bolts for secure attachment to the dock. Once you're done using them, these cleats effortlessly fold out of the way, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

What sets our cleats apart is their solid stainless-steel construction, making them sturdier than competing folding dock cleats. However, this enhanced strength doesn't compromise the well-being of your rope. We've meticulously designed these cleats with smooth contours and rounded edges, preventing any excessive wear and tear on your dock lines.

Even during periods of inactivity, our Ropeze© Cleats maintain their readiness for your next call. Crafted from 316 stainless steel, these cleats are equipped to resist the corrosive impact of saltwater and the harsh marine environment. This durable construction safeguards against intergranular corrosion, ensuring that the Ropeze© Cleats will continue to serve your boating necessities for years to come.

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