Tyler Tool Wire Rope & Cable Hand Cutters

Tyler Tool Hand Cutters are the best way to cut your small to medium diameter cable and wire rope.8-inch varieties made from two piece hardened alloy steel, which gives it the heft you need to power through small diameter galvanized and stainless-steel cables.Because of its small form factor, you can throw it in your toolbelt to keep better track of it on the jobsite.13- and 20-inch varieties are built to give the best cut through even the toughest cables. The hardened alloy steel cutting blades are designed to cut without deforming the ends of your cable. And for max strength to weight ratio, the handles are made from strong drop forged aluminum, keeping the tool lightweight while still giving that extra bit of needed leverage.Our customers use for cutting cable for cable railing and other cable and smaller diameter wire rope for general rigging projects.They’re available in 8-inch, 8-inch multipurpose, 13-, and 20-inch options. They cleanly cut wire rope and cable diameters up to 5/6-inch. When it comes to cable cutting, you can trust Tyler Tool Hand Cutters to give you the cleanest cuts in the ends for your cable and wire rope.

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