Operating Instructions:

  • Rope Reeving:
    • Hold the machine in one hand, with its head downward, and push the release handle
    • After hearing a noise click, the grip jaws open and clean wire rope can be reeved to a desired length
    • Push the release handle downward by hand to allow grip jaws to clamp the rope
    • When pulling the forward handle back and forward, the rope inlet or outlet shows that the unit works normally
    • Start the operation
  • Anchoring:
    • Fixed axis is to be used to anchor the rope around it
    • The other tip of the rope is tied to the load
    • After the fixed axis is inserted into the machine case it must be turned twice
    • Start operation until the second tunnel is obstructed
    • Let the rope tip expose above the fixed axis to ensure the rope travels normally
  • Operating - Hook the load and operate as follows:
    • To lift a load (or push a load backward) or tension it: Push the forward handle
    • To lower a load (or pull a load backward): Pull the backward handle
    • To stop working: To stop pulling the handle will stop the load at that position whether lifting or lowering it
  • Drawing Rope - Once work is finished:
    • Push the release handle
    • Open the grip jaws and draw the rope out
    • Press down on the release handle to close the grip jaws

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