Whether fixed on your boat or attached to your dock, our six-inch Ropeze© Stainless Steel Folding Cleats are the convenient fit for mooring your vessel.

With its quick and simple installation, our cleats can be attached easily to your boat and ready for your next excursion. Designed with two countersunk pockets, our Ropeze© Cleats accept a carriage bolt, lag bolt or hex head bolt for securing to the dock. Following use, Ropeze© Cleats fold seamlessly out of the way so you can focus on what really matters.

The solid stainless-steel construction makes this fitting stronger than other folding dock cleats on the market. But its additional strength doesn’t come at the cost of your rope; special attention was given to designing the cleat to have smooth contours and radiuses to eliminate edges or corners that can excessively wear or damage dock lines.

While not in use, our Ropeze© Cleats’ stainless-steel material insures it will be ready for the next time you call upon it. The 316 stainless steel finish gives the cleat resistance against the saltwater influence of marine atmospheres as well as protects the boundaries of the metallic grain against intergranular corrosion, insuring the Ropeze© Cleat can serve your boating needs for years to come.

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