Yachtkeeper 3-Strand Anchor Lines
Yachtkeeper 3-Strand Anchor Line is a premium US-Made 100% nylon rope; and comes with a pre-installed thimble eye splice.Unlike other anchor lines, our Yachtkeeper 3-Strand anchor line is stronger and more flexible due to its 100% nylon makeup and it’s 3-strand construction. The nylon fibers are highly resistant to rot and will sink in water. Its 3-strand construction makes it easier to splice than double braid and has increased flexing endurance.Additionally, nylon 3-strand ropes are great for shock-loading, since it has the greatest amount of stretch compared to other options.Our customers choose United Strands of America Yachtkeeper 3-Strand Anchor Lines when anchoring their watercraft to protect their vessel from destructive yanking or lurching in rough waters.Choose from sizes ranging from 3/8 to 5/8-inch diameters and in 100 to 300-foot lengths. All options feature a type 316 stainless steel thimble eye spliced into one end of the rope.When it comes to tough and long-lasting ropes, Yachtkeeper 3-Strand Anchor Line offers peace of mind because of its strength, flexing endurance, and shock-load ability.

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