October POM - 2022
Nestled in historic Bethlehem, PA sits a beautiful colonial house with a sprawling backyard peppered with mature trees. Chris Grim and his family thought that the obstructed views from the outdated pergola and latticed decking were deserving of something else to highlight their backyard, so they got to work in July demolishing the old deck and installing a HAAS Axis System from E-Rigging.com.

With his own careful measurements, Chris used approximately 400’ of cable to complete the project, working mainly on the weekends, to finish just as Fall started to appear. Chris says “Installation was simple. The hardest part is cutting the cables to the right length. Through the 4x4’s we used the grommets to give it a nice clean finish.”
The Southeast facing deck doesn’t get a ton of sunlight, according to Chris, so opening the space with cable railing allows for a more airy and spacious feeling on the deck. By removing the old lattice work and dated pergola, the deck is now more open with modern stylization, providing a spacious feel to it, which his friends and family love.

They’ll be able to enjoy the maple tree’s leaves changing colors even more now! Chris’s report on E-Rigging.com’s customer service hails it as “outstanding...I will be recommending E-Rigging.com to anyone.”



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