pewag USA Light/Heavy Truck Tire Chain - 7mm With Cams - Duals - USA4238SC

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pewag USA Light/Heavy Truck Tire Chain - 7mm With Cams - Duals - USA4238SC

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Working Load Limit (WLL):

Minimum Breaking Load (MBL):




Standard Reel Size (Flange Diameter x Height):

Shipping Note:


  • Contains 2 tire chains to cover four tires on one axle
  • Reversable design increases lifespan by reducing costs per mile
  • The square link design improves traction and grip compared to the rounded twist link tire chain

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

Stock No.Weight Per PairCross Chain Per 1/2 PairCross Chain Stock No.Cross Chain Length w/HooksCross Chain Wire Dia.Links Per Cross Chain Cross Chain Hook Stock No.& Dia.Side Chain Stock No.& Dia.Side Chain Length
USA42114226USA621913.255.6 mm11405 .250"1004A .219"77.75
USA42145730USA622113.255.6 mm11405 .250"1004A .219"89
USA42164424USA622113.255.6 mm11405 .250"1004A .219"74
USA42195026USA622113.255.6 mm11405 .250"1004A .219"80
USA42215328USA622113.255.6 mm11405 .250"1004A .219"85.5
USA42285828USA6225155.6 mm13405 .250"1004A .219"83.75
USA42294724USA6225155.6 mm13405 .250"1004A .219"71.25
USA42337322USA625113.57 mm9407USA .312"1006USA .281"83.5
USA42378224USA625113.57 mm9407USA .312"1006USA .281"94.5
USA42388824USA625316.257 mm11407USA .312''1006USA .281"94.5
USA42398926USA625113.57 mm9407USA .312"1006USA .281"101.75
USA42419128USA625113.57 mm9407USA .312"1006USA .281"109
USA424510130USA625113.57 mm9407USA .312"1006USA .281"116
USA424710328USA625316.257 mm11407USA .312"1006USA .281"109
USA424910530USA625316.257 mm11407USA .312"1006USA .281"116
USA425110530USA625316.257 mm11407USA .375"1006USA .281"116.00''
USA425311232USA625316.257 mm11407USA .375"1006USA .281"126.75
USA425511728USA626318.57 mm13407USA .375"1007USA .312"116.75
USA425712632USA626318.57 mm13407USA .375"1007USA .312"126.75
USA427115432USA626620.757 mm15407USA .375"1007USA .312"130.5
USA427317136USA626620.757 mm15407USA .375"1007USA .312"145.5


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