5 Quick Tips for Using Cable | Preventing “Birdnesting” & Injury

Our Pro Shares Tips for Using Cable

Your order of cable arrived, now what? How do you even open this thing? What do you do with it when it’s out of the plastic? Watch our video blog of Tyler showing exactly what to do when you start off a new reel of cable for your project.

    1. Wear protective equipment:Let’s not get our hands sliced or eyes poked out. Eye protection and gloves are highly recommended when working with cable.
    2. Unwrap the plastic on the spool carefullyThe cable could unravel itself off the spool, so keep your fingers on the cable with pressure to prevent it unwinding itself. Tuck the end under the spool temporarily or use electrical tape to contain the cable’s end to the coil.
    3. Unravel properly and carefullyPlace the cable on a flat smooth surface and pull the cable from the front of the reel. Don’t unravel from the top, as it can cause kinks and tangles (aka birdnests) in the cable.
    1. Cut with the right toolUse the right tools at your disposal. Make sure your cable cutter is rated for the proper diameter of your cable to save you time, hassle, and frustration. The ends of your cable will be cut more cleanly with the right tool.
  1. Seize the end of the cableafter cutting to prevent any fraying after cuts using electrical tape, duct tape, or small gauge wire. Seizing will prevent further fraying and make storage, transport, and re-use that much easier on you.

Good luck on your projects and stay safe!

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