Safely Lift and Remove Your Jeep Hardtop by Yourself!


This is the Kind of DIY Project We Brag About at Parties

One of our customers created a fantastic blog post explaining how to create and install a lift for a Jeep hardtop. His problem was simple: he wanted to be able to easily remove his Jeep hardtop by himself. Using some ingenuity, he was able to create a lift in his garage to do the job for him.

To see the full blog post with full instructions, click here.

What You Need for DIY Jeep Top Lift

A Brief Preview of this Project's Supplies

This project requires a combination of E-Rigging & other products. We recommend checking out the blog post for a full list of supplies. In the blog post, he explains that the key to successfully removing the Jeep top with just one person is to have the right tools and equipment. There’s also detailed instructions you can follow to DIY this Jeep Lift in your garage.

Supplies Used to Create the Jeep Lift

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