Using the Peerless Quikbinder Plus Ratchet Load Binders

The Quikbinder Plus Ratchet Load Binder addresses numerous common challenges encountered by traditional load binders.

Preparing loads for transport using binding chains has always posed challenges, as load binders have remained largely unchanged since their inception. However, the Quickbinder Plus Ratchet Load Binder seeks to solve numerous common issues faced by traditional load binders.

Read on for features and operation techniques!


The Quickbinder Plus comes packed with a number of features that allow it to out perform traditional ratchet load binders.

Three Position Pawl

It's three-position pawl offers the choice of ratchet extension, ratchet take-up, or a free spin setting for fast adjustment in either direction. This feature allows the load to be secured in half the time of traditional ratchet binders only having a two position pawl that doesn't allow for easy free spooling.


The Quickbinder Plus features drop-forged, heat treated, zinc plated hooks that provide greater corrosion protection than painted hooks. The binder chain size and grade markings are forged into the hooks.

Folding Handle

Folding Handle-Extended
Folding Handle-Closed

It's compact design features a folding handle which can easily be opened during use and then, closed once the load is secured, or for storage purposes.

Proof Tested with Working Load Limits on Handle

Handle Markings

Each binder is proof tested and has working load limits permanently marked on the handle.

Lock Attachment Point

Lock Attachment Point

The Quickbinder Plus also features a lock attachment point so the binder can be locked to the binder chain making it more difficult to tamper with the binder, assembly, or load.

Higher Working Load Limit than Traditional Ratchet Binders

Quick Binder Plus Ratings

The Quickbinder Plus has a working load limit that is much higher than traditional ratchet binders and is available in three different sizes with working load limits of 7,100lbs, 12,000 lbs, and 18,100 lbs, allowing it to easily be matched up with Grade 80 chain.


Before operating be sure to check and follow your equipment manual and all transportation regulations for the jurisdictions for which you'll be traveling.


Turn the pawl to the "free spool" position.

Freespool Position

Unscrew the ratchet binder until the binder is fully extended so the color mark on the thread can be seen. Be sure not to exceed the max extension length.

Maximum Length Marking

With the chain attached to the equipment at a 45 degree angle, attach the binder to the chain while taking up as much slack as possible.

Attach Binder to Chain

Take out any additional slack by tightening the binder by hand.

Take Out Slack by Hand

Fold the handle out, turn the pawl to the "in" position, and begin ratcheting the load to the desired tension.

Begin Ratcheting

For additional security, a long baled lock can be used to lock the chain to the binder.

Lock Attachment Point


Unfold the handle, turn the pawl to the "out" position and begin ratcheting the binder until tension has been released.

Removing Quickbinder Plus

Switch the pawl to the "free spool" position and swiftly release any remaining tension left in the chain.

Removing Quickbinder Plus

Load Binding Tips Video

For a full video with more information on proper load binding techniques, please click here.

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