Mastering Load Securement: The Power of Peerless ProLok66

Discover the Power of Peerless ProLok66 Lever Load Binder: Harness the Strength You Need!

Looking for a game-changing solution to secure your heavy loads? Look no further! This is a must-read for rigging enthusiasts and professionals alike. Dive into the world of the Peerless ProLok66 Lever Load Binder and unlock the secrets to effortless and efficient load securement. With its unrivaled strength and innovative design, this binder is a game-changer in the industry. Learn how to maximize its potential, ensure safety, and save time with our expert tips and tricks.

Watch our video and read on to find out about the Prolok66, its features, and how to safely operate it.

Unique Features

The Prolok66 offers two unique features that set it apart from traditional lever binders.

Built-in Knurled Adjustment Nut

It has a built in knurled adjustment nut feature that allows the user to adjust the binder a full 2 inches, allowing for the best possible fit, and perfect tension when connecting the binder to chain.

Knurled Adjustment Nut

Handle Safety Latch

The binder features a handle safety latch which is automatically engaged when the handle is closed, and then, easily disengaged when releasing the load.

Handle Safety Latch

General Features

Heavy Duty Construction

The Prolok66 has a yellow powder-coated finish with drop-forged hooks which have size and grade markings forged into the hook.

Prolok 66 Features

Working Load Limit

The working load limit of 6,600 lbs is marked on the handle.

Chain Sizes

The Prolok66 is available to fit chain sizes 5/16 and 3/8 in both Grade 43 and Grade 70 chain.


Before operating, be sure to check and follow your equipment manual and all transportation regulations for the jurisdictions for which you'll be traveling.



To begin operation, open the lever binder and fully extend the binder hook by unscrewing the adjustable nut.


With the binder chain attached to the load at a 45 degree angle, attach the binder hooks to the chain while taking up as much slack as possible.

Attach the Hooks

With your head and body clear of the handle, use two hands to grab the top of the binder handle and pull the handle towards you until it has been completely closed and locks into place.

Close the Handle

If the binder did not apply the desired tension, release the binder and retract the hook by turning the adjustable nut. Repeat this process until the desired tension is reached.

Lastly, ensure that the handle is in the closed and locked position before transporting your load.

Ready for Transport


Before removing the binder, be sure to stand clear of the handle as it can release violently.

Disengage the handle lock, slowly pull upwards on the handle, and guide the handle forwards until tension has been released.

Releasing the Handle

For a full video with more information on proper load binding techniques, please Click Here

We'd like to give special thanks to Chauvin Brothers Tractor in Belle Chasse, Louisiana for allowing us to film at their facility.

We hope this information was helpful and has answered any questions or concerns you might have about the Prolok66 Adjustable Lever Binder.

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