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It was a quirk of fate – and something to the tune of 200 emails – that brought Charles Keating III and the world of the C4 Foundation into contact with our family-owned e-commerce site.

We were already familiar with Keating’s efforts to assist Navy SEALs and their families through the C4 Foundation, named for Keating’s son, Charles Keating IV, a Navy SEAL who gave his life in the line of duty. But when we saw his name appear on an order, we had to reach out to see if we could do our part.

Fortunately, they were in need of a mess of cable railing.

Donating the necessary supplies, we flew out to the C4 Ranch, lending a hand in the installation of the Haas Revo Cable System on the ranch’s newest structures. These structures are set to become the foundations for 16 large safari tents, which will be used to house whole platoons of Navy Seals and their families who journey to the 560-acre property – before, during and after deployment – to enjoy precious time together amongst the beautiful lakes and meadows. The C4 Foundation allows families to connect with nature and interact with the ranch’s many animals, whether it be by petting a donkey or communing with a buffalo.

The C4 Foundation crafted a program designed to alleviate stress for Navy SEALS through workshops, classes and programs, as well as assist their families in the transitions of deployment. With the purchase of merchandise or a four-dollar monthly donation, the C4 Foundation is able to concentrate on its mission of creating a place of peace and security for SEALS and their families.

For more information, or to get involved visit C4foundation.org

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