HAAS REVO Cable Railing Enhances Backyard Aesthetic

In early November 2022, Jimmy Wise of Springville, Alabama, sought the expertise of our pros to enhance his deck with the sleek HAAS REVO cable railing.

With a vision to run parallel to the rear of his home, the cable railing promised a cleaner aesthetic for the yard as a whole, elevating the deck's charm while maximizing the usable space for visiting guests.

The completed deck, adorned this time of year with bistro lights and festive wreaths, stands as a testament to the transformative power of HAAS REVO cable railing. This outdoor haven is not just a deck; it's a beautifully lit, versatile space perfect for hosting outdoor celebrations, no matter the holiday or occasion. Jimmy Wise's deck is where style meets functionality, and every moment is an invitation to celebrate. 🌟🎄

Do you deck your deck with boughs of holly, or ring in the New Year on a balcony with sleek and elegant HAAS Cable Railing? Show us your pictures and projects here!

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David Karl

David Karl

That’s a beautiful job. I would be very interested in learning what material was used for the top rail?

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