Neighbors Clean Up after Hurricane Zeta

After Mother Nature’s ill-behaved niece, Zeta, made its way through Cutoff, Louisiana in 2020, a group of neighbors teamed up to clean up the damages.

Fashioning a soft shackle harness out of ten feet of ½” diameter Sea-Strand X rope, the team safely brought down the remains of a tree that landed on a shed. With the soft-shackle loop attached to 40 feet of 3/8” diameter blue Sea-Strand X rope and connected to the front of a truck with a ½” stainless-steel screw-pin anchor shackle, the neighbors had the tree pulled down in no time and were able to move onto Zeta’s other messes.

The lightweight loop of soft shackle won’t recoil in the event of a break, ensuring the welfare of your equipment and those around you, and making it the safest choice for difficult scenarios. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to tie a soft-shackle visit Animated Knots. The 3/8” diameter blue Sea-Strand X rope was given spliced eyes on the end in order to better connect with the anchor shackle. For how to make an eye splice in nylon rope, Watch this video.

Our products, including ground anchors, steel cable and security chains are designed to secure your property and valuables against the next big storm, are in stock, and ready to be shipped throughout the country. We understand the importance of timeliness in emergencies and guarantee to ship all orders made before 2pm CST the same day.

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