Deck Remodel in Minnesota

Sheldon Z first let us know about his deck remodel after reaching out when his project was complete. After talking with him further, we wanted to know more about his process and experience with our HAAS REVO Cable Railing System. Read on for process photos and to learn how he did it!


“I'm a […] wanna-be fabricator on weekends. The original front porch on my house was shot and no amount of new paint could make it look good, so I decided to spruce things up a bit. I wanted to get rid of the outdated spindles and put in a cable railing for a fresher, more modern look."


That's where I started running into trouble. Most sites selling cable railing parts made it seem like you needed a doctorate in mechanical engineering to figure out what parts you need. After perusing Google for a while, I came across and, surprise, they make cable railing simple! What was really cool was that the sales team scheduled a call with me to go over my project and make sure I was getting exactly what I needed, not just what I thought I needed.


I ended up with the REVO system, 3/16" cable, and the necessary tools to make the project happen. The best part? It's all made in the US.


I replaced all the wood decking with Trex and fabricated my own railing (that could probably double as a guardrail) out of 4" x 4" steel square tubing with a 4" x 2" top rail and painted it all flat white. The REVO cable railing was easy to install and looks really sweet.

RevoCableRailing HAAS_REVO_Stair_Angle

"I'll definitely work with again!”

We are absolutely thrilled with Mr. Z’s remodel of his deck and we hope he enjoys it for years to come.

If you’d like to share your project with us, please send us photos and a description at

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