Drab to Dreamy: Cable Railing Deck Remodel will Surprise You

The perfect time to start a project is nearly anytime, and the perfect time to finish a project is always. Often our home makeover schemes go awry and there’s tools and shrapnel littering the yard for who knows how long, and “I’ll get to it” becomes a catchphrase for the remodeler. Sound familiar?

Meet Dan, a retired Computer-Aided Drafting and Architectural Design (CAD) schoolteacher of 32 years, full time husband, and DIY-er of this 3-tiered outdoor living space.

“This project was one that has evolved for years, including the addition of the second two levels. The remodel of the deck started with the “He Shed” behind the brick wall in 2021. It is a DYI project that really had no plans, just a vision from my wife and my self.”

Dan came across E-Rigging.com while researching cable railing after deciding to go with the industrial look he envisioned. Not only does the HAAS Revo system allow sightlines all the way through, it also doesn’t have that claustrophobic feel to it. When asked how he felt about his purchase from our website, Dan said “I felt very comfortable with my purchases with the profession look and functionality of the site. The response to questions were answered professionally and in a timely fashion.”

Dan tore out the old cedar deck and privacy fence, replacing it with a “tile” brick wall. From there, the industrial look came to life. By replacing the old cedar deck with composite, the overall vision was coming together.
“We are surrounded by trees and get very little sun so the cedar really never dried out and eventually rotted. Composite was the way to go. The cable rail was an ideal choice.”

The top tier is situated with seating and a sunshade and is encased with the HAAS Revo system. Dan used straight run parts with one set of blind connectors near the house and continued the cable railing down the stairway and over a small straight run on the 2nd tier.
“Teamed with the videos you all provide; the installation became a DYI project. I took on the challenge and loved (almost) every minute of it.” (Very funny, Dan, you can admit it was a thrilling challenge.)

This deck has enough space to host everyone and then some!

We're excited to share projects from our creative customer base. E-Rigging regularly highlights projects from the inspired minds of our friends and neighbors from everywhere! If you are interested in having your project featured in an upcoming post, please submit your entries here with your photos and a short write up about you and your project to diy@e-rigging.com. Your project could be someone’s next inspiration!

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