Impressive Home Upgrade with Cable Railing

During an incredible home interior facelift, Tammy Cotton and family have completely upgraded paint, flooring, bathrooms, lighting, and the kitchen. Yet in order to make it feel complete, “Replacing the stair and upstairs railing was necessary to update the house. We wanted to get rid of all the wood slats and replace it with cable railing to give it a more modern rustic feel.” she says.

“The home was built in 1980 and had many, if not all, of the original features, and we wanted to give it an updated look. I knew I wanted to do cable railing but didn’t know much about it.” So while researching online, Tammy came across our cable railing videos and found our very own Tyler’s instruction so easy, she felt confident to tackle her project.

That’s how she found the HAAS Axis Cable Railing system- its known to be easier to install. When Tammy told her team about the project, her painter and carpenter (Tony and Dwight, respectively), “were so intrigued they went home and watched Tyler’s videos and basically took charge of the project.”


The railing consisted of 4x4 posts and smaller rails. Originally, they planned to remove the smaller slats except for the center ones needed for support between the 4x4 posts. Carpenter Dwight pointed out that because the smaller rails weren’t as deep as the 4x4 posts the wires wouldn’t go through the center of the smaller rails. Dwight cut new posts to match the original 4x4 posts and attached them in the appropriate places. “Already, our project was better than we had planned.”


Now that the project is finished, Tammy and her family love the way their cable railing turned out. They hope to add more to their home and perhaps take it outside to the deck! We’ll be keeping an eye out for future projects from Tammy’s brilliant DIY family!


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