A Practical Guide to Cable Railing Swaging

In this edition of our blog, we're excited to guide you through the step-by-step process of utilizing the Tyler Tool Hand Swager to expertly swage your HAAS Stainless cable railing fittings.

If the term "swage" is unfamiliar to you or if you're new to the concept of making a swage on a component, rest assured that you're not alone. Swaging, also known as crimping, involves utilizing a hand tool to create a secure and permanent connection between your cable railing component and the end of your cable.

Swaging Made Easy

At HAAS Stainless, the swaging process remains consistent regardless of the specific cable railing component you're working with. To begin, follow these simple steps:


  1. **Insert Cable:** Start by inserting the end of your cable into the swage cavity of your chosen cable railing component.
  2.  **Locate the Swage Area:** Identify the swage area on the component. This designated spot is crucial for proper swaging and is situated between the opening of the swage cavity and the first indentation line directly above it.
  1. **Position the Tool:** Open the jaws of your Tyler Tool Hand Swager and position them precisely within the swage area on the fitting.


  1. **Add the Fitting:** Place your cable railing fitting into the swager jaws that match the fitting size you're working with. Confirm that the swager jaws are securely positioned within the swage area on the fitting.


  1. **Initiate Swaging:** Close the handles of the Tyler Tool Hand Swager fully to execute the first swage. This initial swage anchors the fitting onto the cable.


  1. **Adjust and Swivel:** Slightly open the jaws of the swager and rotate both the cable and fitting approximately 90 degrees.


  1. **Finalize the Swage:** Close the swager handles once again to complete the second and final swage. This ensures a secure and reliable connection.

For an in-depth visual demonstration and more insights into the HAAS Cable Rail System, we invite you to explore our HAAS REVO page where you'll find a comprehensive video presentation.

Additionally, our YouTube Channel offers a wealth of instructional and informational videos covering a range of our high-quality products.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns throughout this process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

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