How to Install HAAS REVO Thru-Post Tensioners in 6x6 Posts

4” x 4” wood posts are among the most common termination posts our customers use in deck and cable railing construction. Apart from being economical for the most part, they make for a simpler cable railing installation. However, many of our customers commonly install beefed up 6” x 6” wood posts as roof support, or as an extension of the vertical deck support beams. So how will you terminate a cable railing run at a 6” x 6”?


The REVO Thru-post Tensioner is specifically designed to be used in a 4x4 post with a decorative cap on the backside of the post. However, that the REVO Thru-post tension or can be adapted for a variety of size posts simply by adjusting your cable length.

If you haven’t already, we recommend checking out our REVO Cable Railing Overview pull-cable-handtight-6x6-cable-railing

To start off, insert the cable through the hole in your termination post and then pull it hand tight so that all the slack is out of the cable.


Mark the cable where it's entering the post and then release tension from the cable.


This is where we will recess our mark differently versus a 4x4. Rather than using your swage stud to measure your second mark, measure 2 1/2” past your first mark, then mark and cut your cable. This will ensure that your cable will be cut long so that you'll have enough threads to properly tension up the cable.


Go ahead and follow the rest of the swaging and tensioning procedures to finalize your run.

To see in-use photos of the HAAS REVO Cable Railing System, check out our customer’s projects in our Cable Railing Image Gallery.

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