REVO Cable Railing Overview

Before you get started planning out your HAAS REVO cable railing system. It's important for you to have a good understanding of what the components in the system do and how and when they're going to be used.


Creating a cable railing system for your deck, balcony or staircase is going to require a combination of two different types of components: End stop components and tensioning components. End stops simply hold the cable at one termination post, and the tensioners draw the cable to your desired tension at the opposite termination post.

REVO Thru-post Tensioners


In the REVO system, there are two different types of tensioners to choose from. The first is the REVO Thru-post Tensioner which is used for both straight and angled runs, wood and metal posts, and only if you have plenty of access to the backside of the post. The REVO Thru-post Tensioner is unique in that it's hidden inside of the post making it the most minimal of cable railing tensioners available.

REVO Lag Tensioners


The REVO Lag Tensioner utilizes a swaged turnbuckle to tension the cable and is only used for wood post systems. This is a great component to use if you don't have access to the backside of your post. For example, you’ll want to plan to use REVO Lag Tensioners at a termination post if it’s against a structure, or your post is a thicker than a 6” x 6”.

REVO Standard End Stops


REVO Standard End Stops are installed through the post, secure the cable to the back of wood or metal posts, and are used to terminate both straight and angled cable runs. Unlike the REVO Low-profile End Stops, the Standard type are going to match the look of the REVO Thru-post Tensioners’ end cap, giving you uniformity across your system.

REVO Low-profile End Stops


If your deck railing has an interior termination corner and you’re concerned about the Standard End Stop protruding out of the back of the post, consider adding the REVO Low-profile End Stop to your design. It’s going to function the same as the REVO Standard End Stop securing the cable run to back of wood or metal posts and can be used on straight and angled runs, but with a near-flush look.

REVO Lag End Stops


REVO Lag End Stops mirror the Lag Tensioners’ functionality. They’re used to secure straight and angled runs, but for wood post systems only. Much like the Lag Tensioners, these components will primarily be installed at termination posts where you can’t access the backside (e.g. a post against a house, or a post or column larger than a 6” x 6”).

At this point, you should have a basic understanding of what the components in the REVO system do, and now you can begin planning out your cable railing system.

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