Interior Staircase Cable Railing with Advance Millworks
In this episode of “Cable Rail the Country”, we headed west to meet up with HAAS ProInstaller Chris Hebert with Advance Millworks and to help install the HAAS AXIS Cable Railing System. Advance Millworks, Inc. is responsible for designing, building, and installing some of Louisiana’s finest staircases. Their expertise and craftsman allow them to tackle large-scale custom millworks, curved staircases and cabinetry that leave clients more than impressed. So, we were ecstatic when Chris and the team invited us out to install the HAAS AXIS System at a brand-new construction in Lafayette, Louisiana. The new home’s interior features beautiful rustic brick walls and columns and solid cypress support beams, coupled with modern floor ceiling windows facing out into the neighborhood. Since the homeowner’s wanted to continue the theme of meshing rustic features with modern touches, they decided cable railing would be the perfect fall-protection measure for their white oak stair balustrade.While cable railing by itself lends a modern and minimal feel, the AXIS System features external tensioning components add a bit of ruggedness perfect for bridging rustic and modern elements. Chris also noted that the dense white oak termination posts were a factor in the decision as well. AXIS System components lag to the surface of the ends posts instead of running through and securing to the back. So instead of drilling large holes through the notoriously-hard-to-drill white oak balusters, the team at Advance Millworks simply drilled small pilot holes for the stainless decking screws, saving time and resources.The result exceeded the homeowner’s expectation. The bright stainless-steel cable railing grabs attention without stealing the show. Huge thanks to ProInstaller Chris Hebert and the team at Advance Millworks for making the first “Cable Rail the Country” episode a smash! We hope you enjoyed this episode of Cable Rail the Country. If you’d like to learn more about the HAAS AXIS Cable Railing System, click here.

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