The Ultimate Guide to Snap Links

If you need a quick, secure, and tool-free method to connect chain, cable, or rope together, Snap Links, also known as Spring Snaps or Carabiners, might be what you need for fast work to connect a variety of objects.

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Snap links are sometimes called Spring Snaps or Carabiners. They generally consist of a small eye area that is designed to stay connected to the chain or rope, and a larger eye that allows the spring loaded gate to open and connect to a chain, rope, or fitting.
Small Eye and Large Gate on Snap Link

Three Main Ratings of Snap Links

The three main ratings of Snap Links are
  • climbing and fall protection rated
  • load rated
  • non-load rated (which are often used for key chains).
Be aware that while many links look similar in design, you must be sure to choose the right rating for your application.
Load Rated Snap Link
Our links are load rated, but not rated for climbing or fall protection systems.
Load rated snap links are commonly used on non-critical suspending applications, connecting chains for gates, animal harnesses, and various marine and fishing assemblies.

Styles of Snap Links

We offer four styles of snap links in corrosion resistant Type 316 Stainless Steel and one style of snap link in Zinc Plated Steel.
Styles of Snap Links
They range in sizes from 3/16” to ½” diameter and have working load limits of 100 to 900 lbs.
Our Regular Style Snap Links are available in Zinc Plated Steel and Stainless Steel. They are the most popular of the four due to their simplistic design and low cost.
Regular Style of Snap Links
Regular Style of Snap Links with Eye
Regular Style Snap Links with an eye are available in Stainless Steel and feature an eye ring to captivate one end of the link to the chain, cable, or rope.
Stainless Steel Screw Type Snap Links have a captivating eye and a locking screw that prevents unintentional opening when the link is closed.
Stainless Steel Screw Style of Snap Links with Eye
Stainless Steel Screw Style of Snap Links with Eye
Stainless Harness Style Snap Links have a reinforced captivated eye for more demanding applications and a wide opening gate for multiple or larger ropes.
Harness Style of Snap Links
We hope this information has cleared up any questions or concerns you may have had about our snap links.
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