Tyler Tool Manual Chain Hoists: The Essential Guide

Manual chain hoists are a hand-controlled loop of chain with a geared transmission that allows you to easily lift a load. E-Rigging carries the Tyler Tool brand of chain hoists ranging from half ton to 5-ton load lifting capacity.

Watch our video or read more to find out how you can put this product to use for your application.
Manual Chain Hoists are a great option when your application requires lifting a heavy load.
Tyler Tool Chain Hoists
Manual chain hoists are simple mechanical devices that use a geared transmission and chain to raise a load.
The hand controlled loop of chain turns a chain wheel that is attached to a short drive shaft which is connected to a series of gears.
Tyler Tool Chain Hoists
Fitted inside the gearing is a brake paw which prevents the load from slipping when it is being raised or lowered.
Watch our video "Tyler Tool Manual Chain Hoists: Features and Operation". We demonstrate the use of a Tyler Tool, 1 ton x 10 ft chain hoist to raise and lower a 500lbs lifting box. The hoist has a 1 ton working load limit (WLL) and can raise objects to a height of ten feet. In the video, you can see raising and lowering of the box is done with minimal effort.
At E-Rigging, we carry the Tyler Tool brand of chain hoists.
These hoists are made of:
Powder coated, formed steel outer plates
Forged and machined gears
Grade 80 alloy load chain
Drop forged steel swivel load hooks with latches
We offer Tyler Tool models in:
.5 ton with a 10 foot lift.
1 ton with your choice of 10 foot or 20 foot lifts.
1.5 ton with your choice of 10 foot or 20 foot lifts.
2 ton with your choice of 10 foot or 20 foot lifts.
5 ton with your choice of 10 foot or 20 foot lifts.
Check out our selection of beam clamps, plain beam trolleys, and geared beam trolleys to attach your chain hoist to a beam. Our blog and video "How to Select, Install, and Use Beam Clamps & Beam Trolleys" can guide you to making the right selection of components for your application.
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