When the C4 Foundation needed rigging supplies for new decks they were building at their 560 acre ranch, they came to E-Rigging.com. Little did we know, this one transaction would spark a long-lasting relationship between our company and the Navy SEAL supporting non-profit.

The C4 Foundation crafted a program designed to alleviate stress for Navy SEALS through workshops, classes and programs, as well as assist their families in the transitions of deployment. The C4 Foundation concentrates on its mission of creating a place of peace and security for SEALS and their families.

After getting to know the Foundation and the incredible support they provide to the Navy SEAL community, we decided to donate the cable railing necessary for the new decks being built. Not only that, but our team went out to Coronado Springs to help install it. These new decks would provide the means for the Foundation to house a full platoon of SEALs along with their multiple cabins on their property.

C4 Event
C4 Event
We saw first hand the power of this sanctuary the Foundation has created which made us decide that our work was not done with cable railing. Knowing that The C4 Foundation hosts fundraisers across the country, we decided to jump right in and sponsor a fundraiser in our home town, New Orleans, LA.
C4 Event

The first annual event of The C4USE was held at The National WWII Museum in the US Freedom Pavilion on March 26th, 2022 with Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, Ed Byers, as the guest speaker. We are proud to say the event was a huge success raising money and awareness for this meaningful cause. We are thrilled to announce that the second annual event will be held March 25, 2023 at The National WWII Museum.

Here are the few glimpse we captured from the C4 NOLA Event 2022 at WWII Museum in New Orleans on March 26.

At E-Rigging, we support Navy SEALs and their families. To learn more about the event and view the event photos, please visit C4 NOLA Website.

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