Photo Contest Winners 2022
Knowing our 2nd Photo Contest was coming up, our E-Rigging team was buzzing with excitement to see the submissions. To no surprise, the projects we saw were more than we could have imagined; we absolutely loved looking at the world through our customer’s eyes! We had a tough decision to make but it came down to these three winners!


Ryan Wilson | 1st Place - $200

Ryan’s submission should have come with a soundtrack to a peaceful mountain experience. The vision to open up the deck for a more spectacular view of the mountains came to life with this transformation using HAAS Axis cable railing. There’s nothing like the freshness of the outdoors, and this updated deck amplifies the view. Way to go, Ryan!


Marc Pendergast | 2nd Place - $100

We spy with our little eye our Crenshaw 25” Swager tool on this beautiful deck and stairs renovation. Marc’s project took exceptional precision to get those stair runs just right using “aluminum posts, and, of course, an E-Rigging HAAS Revo 1/8” stainless steel cable railing system”, and the finished result is stunning. Great job, Marc!


Gene Monson | 3rd Place - $50

Gene’s description of this project is “Sunrise at the top of the world and above the clouds.” What a spectacular view of his Sevierville spot. He used HAAS Revo cable railing to allow guests at his venue to capture the absolute magnificence of the Great Smoky Mountains. Fun fact, Gene is a HAAS Pro Installer! Interested to learn more about becoming one, too? Click here to find out more about HAAS PRO Installer Program.

HAAS PRO Installer Program.Learn more about HAAS PRO Installer

Be sure to check back in the spring for the next Photo Contest!

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