Industrial Chic: A Steel Cable Fashion Statement

Being based in New Orleans, Louisiana, we take costuming very seriously, and so does Gerald Fitzpatrick. Gerald is a retired prosthetist/limb maker who always appreciated industrial looks and decided to jump at the chance to design an industrial-inspired outfit. In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, Gerald's unique ensemble stands out as a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

When he came across, he found that “It was easy to navigate and order the hardware needed for my fashion design. I might add the packaging and delivery time was top shelf.”

Weighted at approximately 25 pounds, Gerald's creation is a stunning testament to his ingenuity. But what sets it apart is the incorporation of rigging hardware elements, such as the PRO Strand 1/16” X 1,000’ Galvanized Cable Reel and the 1/16” Zinc Plated Malleable Wire Rope Clip. These unassuming materials played a pivotal role in giving shape to his vision. Gerald also utilized the Tyler Tool Bench Swager/Cutter from E-Rigging, an essential tool that allowed him to refine his design.

The heart of this extraordinary attire, though, is the intricate chain maille that adorns it. This is where most of the weight comes from, adding a layer of authenticity to the industrial theme.

While Gerald is not currently selling his fashion pieces, his work has already made waves in the fashion world. His creation graced the stage at the 2018 Alternative Fashion Show in Columbus, Ohio, where model Alexa Demyana donned his visionary attire. The event was beautifully captured by photographer Ian Powell, forever immortalizing Gerald's remarkable work.

Gerald's industrial-inspired costume is a testament to the limitless possibilities of fashion and a reminder that true artistry knows no boundaries. We hope to see more of Gerald Fitzpatrick's work.

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