Empowering Firefighters: IFT’s Innovative E-Rigging Collab

Meet Adam Haywood of Independent Fire Training, a firefighter-owned and operated training group located in Colorado. In December, Adam joined the E-Rigging bi-annual photo contest and shared some captivating moments.

Independent Fire Training, or IFT, is on a mission to empower firefighters from all corners of the country with the knowledge and skills needed to gain entry through locked doors, gates, chains, windows, and more. They've been making waves in the field, and E-Rigging's products played a vital role in their Forcible Entry training.

At E-Rigging, we take immense pride in supporting our first responders, and we're honored to have customers like Independent Fire Training who are dedicated to training and equipping firefighters across the nation.

Adam's journey with E-Rigging involved purchasing 5/16” quick links to create a prop for simulating padlock attacks. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with IFT's mission of teaching firefighters to navigate locked obstacles effectively.

What truly sets Adam and his team apart is their commitment to providing affordable, robust solutions. E-Rigging products proved to be durable, even under rigorous training conditions. Their affordability made it possible for IFT to train numerous firefighters effectively.
As a testimonial to their values, “IFT believes in the aggressive, hard-charging, critically thinking firefighter who puts the public before themselves, and honors their oath of service.” At E-Rigging, we share this commitment and are proud to support such a noble cause.

In the world of fire training and equipment, Independent Fire Training is a shining example of dedication and innovation. We're excited to see what the future holds for them and continue to stand by their side as they equip the heroes of our communities. You can follow their work on Instagram at @independentfiretraining

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