HAAS Pro Installers Upgrade Great Falls, Montana Office

At E-Rigging, we understand that not everyone has the time to tackle a DIY cable railing project. That's why we proudly introduce the HAAS Pro Installer program, designed to make your life easier. Our carefully vetted contractors, like Rocky Mountain Metalworks, ensure that your cable railing project is in safe hands, complete with proper insurance.

Located in the heart of Great Falls, Montana, Rocky Mountain Metalworks recently showcased their exceptional skills with an office cable railing installation. Steve McGregor, the driving force behind this project, chose E-Rigging for one simple reason – our cable railing combines “sleek design with minimal visual obstructions” without compromising on strength and safety.

This project is situated in the vibrant downtown area of Great Falls, currently undergoing a renaissance led by a group of investors and small businesses. Steve and his team seamlessly integrated this cable railing system into a locally owned environmental engineering office, even incorporating their logo into the design.

What sets the HAAS Revo Cable Railing System apart, according to Steve McGregor, is its impeccable design. There are no unsightly industrial nuts and bolts, and the cables appear to float within the metal handrail frame, creating an elegant and modern aesthetic. At Rocky Mountain Metalworks, they take pride in elevating projects to the next level and adding custom touches. Their commitment to excellence led them to choose E-Rigging for top-quality products. While they typically cater to high-end clients who depend on their expertise, Steve was pleasantly surprised to find that the HAAS Cable Railing System is so user-friendly that even a DIY enthusiast can install it.

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HAAS PRO Installer

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HAAS PRO Installer

When it comes to cable railing, E-Rigging and the HAAS Pro Installer program, in partnership with experts like Rocky Mountain Metalworks, provide a winning combination of style, safety, and simplicity. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a DIYer, our solutions have you covered.

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